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Providing a Safer

Bowhunting Experience*

Our mission is to provide technically advanced shooting products for the sportsman and shooter. We put special care in developing products that are made by, made for, and field tested by sportsmen. We provide the passion and customer service of a family owned and operated business led by a revolutionary veteran in the hunting industry.

*Statement made based on comparison to archer  wearing no hand protection


Helping to

Limit Archery 




Firing a bow carries with it a risk of injury to the archer; that's the way it is. And there are attorneys waiting to file suit against anyone or any entity that may have played a part in any such injury.  It's our sole purpose to help to mitigate certain types of risk from injury and also enhance both enjoyment and performance.*


-Marvin Carlston

LIABILITY: li·a·bil·i·ty | līəˈbilədē/ noun

  1. the state of being responsible for something, especially by law.

    "the company accepted liability for damages from their product(s)"

    synonyms: accountability, responsibility, legal responsibility, 



In today's bow hunting marketplace there is an increased focus on the "liability" of equipment manufacturers, archery instructors, and guides/outfitters for injuries being sustained by archers.  This is a simple, yet disconcerting fact about today's world.  We contend that any & every opportunity you have to LIMIT YOUR LIABILITY, and thus your exposure to lawsuits brought about by injury from the use of your product(s), is a good thing.




If you are aware of a way or manner to protect your consumers and don't do so, the phrase "failure to warn"  could quite possibly become a very unwelcome part of your vocabulary.  For example, just think of a boat manufacturer that doesn't

encourage the use of a PFV (personal floatation device).  That boat manufacturer has just exponentially increased their's no different with an archery-specific equipment manufacturer, instructor, or guide/outfitter.  If they don't suggest the use of specific safety equipment (eye, arm & BOW HAND) they, and their business could be at

significant risk. Learn more about the S.E.T. ProTX glove. Don't learn about "failure to warn" in the courtroom.

*S.E.T., its officers, employees, partners or affiliates are in no manner offering any type of legal opinion or addressing any potential  ramifications arising  from risks inherent to owning and/or using a bow.

Give yourself that extra insurance for your next shooting experience. The ProTx Hand Guard is designed to be comfortable, durable, and functional.  Experience improved accuracy through reduced torque on the bow which is a major cause for misfired arrows. Shoot with more confidence knowing you’re better protected from crippling accidents.


The ProTx Hand Guard comes in five sizes for a comfortable fit. Our hand guard can also be worn over cold-weather gloves for uncompromised protection during cold days.


The Motivation 



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With today's bows, arrows and broadheads being more powerful and effecive than ever it's no wonder that more "bow hand" injuries are occurring.


These injuries are happening to both young and old and, in more-and-more cases are resulting in lifelong disabilities.


Normally we would shy-away from showing these injuries but in order to illustrate exactly what can happen we feel as though we must.



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