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Our mission is to provide technically advanced shooting products for the sportsman and shooter. We put special care in developing products that are made by, made for, and field tested by sportsmen. We provide the passion and customer service of a family owned and operated business led by a revolutionary veteran in the hunting industry.

Marvin has bowhunted sice he was "big enough to pick up a bow." By the time he was in junior high school he was building his own recurve bows and cedar arrows. He got interested in compound bows in the late 80's. He had problems getting good broadhead flight and decided to try to make his own broadhead. 

His broadhead flew right and in 1989 he started his own broadhead company named Gold Tip. His first head was the Gold Tip 80; a 2 blade expandable, 1 3/4" cut broadhead. Broadheads got Marvin into the archery industry. 

In 1992 he experimented with building carbon arrows. They were difficult to make so Marvin invented a way to mass produce the shafts. It became his Trade Secret when he introduced Gold Tip graphite arrows at the ATA Show in January, 1997.

Excerpt from - Article by Robert Hoague

S.E.T. Founder & President - Marvin Carlston

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