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PROTX (Warm Weather) Black | Palmless

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***WARNING*** This version of the ProTx product has a smaller protective Kevlar area than the newly designed version and therefore may not protect the wearer as fully.

For warm-weather archers - the S.E.T. Palmless glove will afford you all the protection of our full-glove model but with a more breathable design.

Triple Layer Kevlar Protection

-Protects the back of your hand from misfired arrows.
-Reduces the torque on the bow handle. Which is one of the causes of misfired arrows.
-Quiet, soft, durable construction.

Promotes confident safe shooting every time, knowing you are protected by the Protx Kevlar Armored Hand Guard.

Intended to reduce potential risk of injury to the back of the hand from misfired arrows. May not prevent all injuries. Cut resistant not cut proof. Puncture resistant not puncture proof. Sharp pointed or high velocity projectiles can penetrate Kevlar armor. Not liable for misuse.

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 S T O R E

PLEASE NOTE:  When selecting a ProTx armored glove - You are selecting a glove for your "bow hand" not your draw hand.  Please choose glove according to which hand you hold your bow.

DISCLAIMER:  Purchasing a ProTx product other than the most recent "New" version will not provide the same level of protection and therefore may not prevent as many injuries.

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